"Arte/Azienda/Territorio (Art/Business/Territory) is my project to support the companies that decide to communicate through Art. My name is Daniele Basso and I am an Italian artist well known for his eternal mirror-polished steel artworks".

On the occasion of corporate Anniversaries and Celebrations, I create sculptures that become tangible symbols and shared emotions, bearing witness to the values that made the company great and unique over the time.

Today Ethics, Environmental Policies and Circular Economy are strategic issues for a sustainable future. Art provides the opportunity to share innovative corporate choices with the Community and obtain support and benevolence. My works, made of eco-compatible steel, convey the spirit of the age in search of a better future.


"Today, when a picture is worth a thousand words, my works are the tangible expression of the entrepreneurial dream and culture of excellence that characterize the companies and their unrepeatable story".

Art & Communication

Art is the best opportunity to communicate through emotions and share values and messages. A company that relies on Art finds out to be strong and cohesive around its values. Creative and innovative. Capable of capitalizing its unique and distinctive DNA. For ever to express what words can’t tell.

"...with my work I bring the unsaid to light... Intangible values, visions and emotions... that we recognize as a part of ourselves and so can share..."

Art & Business

In a company, Art is an innovative strategical identity tool to cope with the market of the future. It is a cutting-edge investment that not only moves communication costs from the P&L account to capital account, but also appreciates over the time with the ownership of the asset. Art enhances company image and economic value; conveys the contents and messages that made the brand great on the market; and receives approval and affection from both inside and outside the company.

Art in a Company provides added value positively affecting Innovation, Emotion, Commitment and Experience. It concerns Public Relations and Media Relations and makes brand identity (Perception/Awareness/Reputation) more powerful. If integrated into CSR policies, Art increases the stakeholder value in the eyes of all stakeholders, both internal (shareholders, employees, sales staff...) and external (customers, suppliers, community, citizens, territorial associations, authorities, mass media...); strengthens social solidity and shared value; and increases company value in view of a successful market positioning in the near future.

"In Art, we overcome time and space limits by projecting messages in people’s conscience!
Through Art, we recognize history and promote identity, cultures and territories to universal social facts"

The "Arte/Azienda/Territorio" Project

This project of mine is meant to best capitalize the company/territory interaction through the emotions of Art, re-establishing man and human wellbeing at the center of the system and emotion at the center of the entrepreneurial message.

Art is an accelerator of opportunities, thought and innovation where we can rediscover the meaning of our actions. To give life to new bonds with the company. For people to become co-protagonist of the story and transform corporate heritage into a Strategic Asset and Economic Value.

The target is to create powerful Identity Symbols and highly evocative images in this age of social media and web. Eternal and universal evidence of the companies, territories and communities hosting them. While the districts of excellence develop in an increasingly Glocal world, and variety and difference represent enormous wealth, the Arte/Azienda/Territorio project confirms to be a key element for success on the global market.

In the eternity of steel my mirroring works are made of, we recover our individual and collective identities. We discover we are the lead actors of Mankind, which reflects its messages and builds its future using symbols.

Biographical Notes

Born in Moncalieri (province of Turin) on 4 August 1975, Daniele Basso is an Italian artist well known for his works made of mirror-polished steel. These works prompt higher self-awareness in the search of personal identity. He participated in three editions of Venice Biennale. He held exhibitions and had artworks displayed in various parts of the world, among which Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), Seraphicum University (Vatican City), the national gallery of modern and contemporary “GNAM” (Rome), Expo 2015 (Milan), the World of Coca Cola (Atlanta), Officine della Scrittura (Turin), Museo del Parco (Portofino), Shoah Memorial (Milano) not to mention several galleries in New York, Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Monte-Carlo, Lugano, Milan, Turin and Bologna. In 2015: "Coke Its Me" (The Coca-Cola Company) and Gigant (SWC Alta Badia - Unesco Park Dolomites). In 2016: "Aquamantio" (Mosca family business since 1916) in Biella. In 2017 "The Prancing Horse” (70th Ferrari Anniversary) and the prizes meant for 67th Sanremo Festival, Star Team Monaco (H.R.H. the Prince Albert II of Monaco) and Inter Football Club. In 2019: Main Artist at Teatro del Silenzio with tenor Andrea Bocelli, director Luca Tommassini. In 2020, Daniele Basso continued his cooperation with Andrea Bocelli and created the monument Discrimine Momentu (African Fashion Gate) set in the town of Villafranca (province of Verona). Today his exhibits are on display at Artion Gallery, Simon Bart, Hysteria Art, Laura Tartarelli Contemporary and Galleria Ferrero.

My professional and educational course, between art and business, is quite peculiar in the modern art panorama as it involves both clear understanding of corporate requirements and the logic approach to turn them into art suggestions and expressions.