Portofino _ Park Museum of Portofino _ 2011

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Portofino Marina _ pier Umberto I° _ July 22nd Portofino _ 2011 Acquisition of the artwork by the "Museum of the Park of Portofino,
International Centre of Outdoor Sculpture" (curator: S. Mormino / Director: D. Crippa)

Today, as it happened 70 years ago, the world seems filled with insurmountable limits perfectly symbolised by the Berlin Wall (150km long, cutting across 193 streets, 32 tramways, 1 river and 1 people. More than 230 people killed and 1000 injured). The wall, turned by Daniele Basso into a mirror, an invisible yet material boundary, interact with our conscience, whispering that we are own limit, and invites us to overcome it by opening a metaphorical way towards our dreams. We are the wall. Special guests Arturo Schwarz (writer, editor, art collector and critic) and Ezio Gribaudo (artist, writer and art critic). Curator Serena Mormino (Amarte) and Museum Director Daniele Crippa.