"Save The Children" Night Event _ 2013

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Bologna _ Campogrande Concept _ December 7th, 2013 At the auction the stainless steel mirror "Eccentrico" of the Collection "Desiderio Barocco" by GlocalDesign"
Imagery of reflective surfaces
Art, Fashion and Design in mirror-like steel works by Daniele Basso

Looking in the mirror is an age-old innate gesture, an intimate moment which conveys getting ready before making the scene, whether on stage or in society. Surrounded by a familiar setting, when we look in the mirror we make up the look we want to show.

The Mirror is a simple object found in all cultures, unchanged over time yet rich in contents as well as symbolically and emotionally charged. It refers to our cultural identity, the focus on imagination in both industry and society, our ethics and responsibility in making our own future as we wish it to be. It is also a Made-in-Italy concept statement through Fashion and Design, a reflective tool for true reflection on beauty, Art and creativeness, essential qualities to make a better future, thus becoming an ideal instrument to overcome limits and cultural boundaries which dry up human relationships.

We are all the same in front of a mirror, driven towards an eerie unsubstantial dimension suspended between dream and reality, a metaphor of contemporary society confronted with its own wishes and seeking the new meaning of life.

"The mirrored surfaces in my works are space-time cracks where everyone can look at themselves and their surroundings, where the soul of objects becomes a message imbued with astounding communicative power. Beyond their tangible function, my reflective works are ideally food for thought, to reflect on the most diverse concepts about modernity and the Self, unfinished thoughts that anyone can finish up finding their own meaning…”

“… taking the concept of crack to the extreme, the reflective surface in my works is pierced, which allows the environment to coexist with my background and my inner dimension at a glance, creating a fourth dimension, as it were. The physical depth of holes and the reflections within the mirror contrast the timeless stillness of slit outlines with images from the ever-moving world, thus displaying the universal value of certain concepts set against the merciless indifference of time going by.”

"...because our happiness does not rely on events, yet our reaction to them, and future belongs to all those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!”