Find Yourself Behind the Mirror! _ 2013

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Forte Dei Marmi _ "Il Forte Antichità" Art Gallery (via Carducci 16) _ July 6th / August 25th, 2013 Solo Exhibition
Find Yourself Behind the Mirror: from 55th Biennale of Venice, contemporary reflections in the steel mirroring artworks of Daniele Basso. From July 6th to August 25th, the Art Gallery "Il Forte Antichità", in the central via Carducci 16 in Forte Dei Marmi, will host the solo exhibition of the Designer and Artist Daniele Basso, entitled "Find Yourself Behind the Mirror!". Already on display in Lugano and Milan, it is a collection of light installations and mirroring artworks, between Art and Design, metaphors of contemporary society that comes to terms with their own desires. On this occasion and exclusive preview the exhibit is enriched by the proof of author of "Les Plis De La Vie", currently on display to OverPlay, collateral Event 55. International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, in the prestigious location of Palazzo Albrizzi (Cannaregio 4118), German-Italian Association office in Venice.
"The mirror " – says Daniele Basso - "is an object that is common to all cultures, a space-time crack where we can look at ourselves and our environment, where the core of things become a message. Overcoming their mere function, my mirroring works in stainless steel are reflective insights, thoughts open that we can finish finding our meaning... All equal in front of the mirror we delete the distance between ourselves and the reality where we live in." In a point course we reflect on contemporary, on the importance of our choices for us and for the society and on the search of our real nature. We all taken to a world of ethereal lightness, between reality and dreams through Art and Design we find a new meaning of our life.

The artworks on show:

"The corner edge, physical expression of discontinuity, is the universal symbol of change. Space and Time shrink, touch, and separate. Nothing is as it was. All protections fail. The hollow comes forward and absence becomes presence. Anxiety propagates in society. An intimate and collective crisis is going on, grows within us and spreads. It is the fear of disappointing the expectations at the origin of progress. It is unquestionably a human issue. It is the tool Nature gave us to evolve: the destructive thrust preluding the creative energy. The faster we adapt to Newness, the less the Pain. But a huge amount of awareness is necessary to overcome imposed limits and conditionings. A scream against the sky sets our vital energy free. In a moment, all has changed. The crisis is over. In that moment we have grown up, and all mankind with us. Reflected in the mirror, we find out that we are the mankind. The future is in the hands of each one of us all".

WeAreTheWall: installation realised in cooperation with GlocalDesign
"It' a metaphors. Tall and grey, under high surveillance, the Berlin Wall is the symbol and the universal form of division. We feel trapped in front of this insurmountable limit. But the mirror “DieMauer”, repeatred 6 times, emotionally involves those who stand before it, starts interacting with our conscience and whispers that we are our own limit. The way towards our dreams is metaphorically opened. We are invited to overcome our limits, ponder on prejudices and habits, subvert obsolete or wrong rules and opinions, and become aware that we are the mankind and that individual experiences are actually universal. We are the wall".

Mila Shon Collection:
"It is the celebration of Mila Schon through his important history of creativity and style. It ia a project of Art, Fashion and Design. Six limited edition Mirror-Sculptures retrace in "mirror version" some of the must-haves of the historical archive of the house. Real jewels for the home, with original SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for the first time ever matched to steel. Excellencies "Made in Italy" designed to become objects of worship".

MrBotGotTalent: light installation realised in cooperation with Slide
"Many Mr Bot in different colours illuminated in the green of the earth, a metaphor for contemporary multi-racial society, but they are at different heights. At the beginning all the same, we become ourselves through the choices we make. At the end we are all different: we are the consequence of our actions."

GlocalDesign Collection:
On show some pieces of the mirror finish stainless steel collection of GlocalDesign. In particular the "Desiderio Barocco" Collection, the "Message Collection" in collaboration with Swarovski, and some pieces from the "Made To Measure Service" of GlocalDesign.100% recyclable, unbreakable, indoor and outdoor.