Daniele Basso @ Bagno Daisy_2020

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Bagno Daisy Bagno Daisy Bagno Daisy Bagno Daisy
Daisy Bathhouse- Marina di Pietrasanta _ August/September 2020 Exhibition of some steel sculpture for the summer

Beyond the Mirror
Trust in future in Daniele Basso's installation to the Daisy bathroom in Marina di Pietrasanta. Veronica Cherubini Curator.

"This installation intends to greet and welcome a difficult summer with beauty and art. "Plis De La Vie" in the pool reminds us of the natural imperative of change at the basis of life. Which in the act of "Motherhood" reaches its apex, with the gift of life itself. The welcome to the Daisy bathrooms is reserved for the best of Italy: the artisan one. Excellences that have become the "Made in Italy" brand. The 4th best known in the world. Pride of a broken nation, which finds its strength and dignity in Knowing how to do it. Able to face the future like a child, with courage, hope and curiosity. May it be good wishes to all of us."

Daniele Basso, Marina di Pietrasanta, Agosto 2020