Donation of the sculpture Cristo Ritorto_2021

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Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto Donazione opera Cristo Ritorto
Oropa Sanctuary _ Biella _ December 18th, 2021 Altar of the shrine of Our Lady of Oropa _ Old Basilica

Cristo Ritorto  remains in Oropa
Daniele Basso donates the work created for the 5th Centenary Coronation of the Madonna d'Oropa to the Sanctuary of Oropa.  

The altar in front of the niche hosting the statue of the Madonna d'Oropa, in the Ancient Basilica of the Sanctuary, is the extraordinary place that definitively welcomes the sculpture Cristo Ritorto by the artist Daniele Basso, keeping metaphorically alive even through art the symbolic dialogue with the Virgin Mary by the Biella area (in the name “Ritorto” also a tribute to our wool tradition) and by all the faithful.

Thanks to the intervention of the rector Don Michele Berchi and the gallerist Irene Finiguerra, the donation was perfected as a special moment during the presentation to the public of the photographic book "Sons of a Queen" with photographs by Andrea Taglier and edited by Daniela Piazza Editore.

"It is a great joy - explains Daniele Basso - to be able to donate the work to a place so dear to me. Knowing of its location on the altar makes me both proud and deeply grateful for this privilege. Today, the facts of life lead us to a profound redefinition of our identity, at an individual, local and global level, in the symbols we can read our roots and recognize the values we can rely on in redesigning the future to live in. "Twisted Christ" basically represents this: the opportunity, with the contemporary language of Art, to investigate the transcendent and celebrate the sacredness of life".

The work in indigo blue resin and olive wood, a deep and intense color of contemplation, preserves the symbolic value of an object of faith and invites us to overcome the limits of matter to the spirit of things. The torsion of the bust, of the whole figure and the sharpest edges, bring back to the foreground the pain and the effort of acting consistently in the path of good, humanizing the symbol and bringing it closer to everyday life.

The twist also innovates the vision of Christ on the cross, giving for the first time 2 points of view to the observer: the classic front one, facing the central nave of the church, and the new one, lateral, with reference to the position of the feet, flowing to the faithful who will want to give grace to the Madonna from the side opening of the ancient chapel that houses her.