Kryste: Krystal Stone Guide _ 2011

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Back light fibreglass and mirror finish stainless steel
85x80, h 230 cm - about 70 Kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Venice _ 2011 "54. International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia" - "Sign off Design" Event (curator: L. Beatrice / editor: SLIDEart / gest of Honor: F. Versace) Chiostro Trinità
Turin _ 2011/2012 "54. International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia / Italia Pavilion" (curator: V. Sgarbi / editor: SLIDEart) exhibition building "Sale Nervi"
Milan _ 2012 Salone del Mobile - SLIDEart FuoriSalone Event "_ExAnsaldo "A Space"
Biella _ 2012 "BIC-Biella In Contemporanea" (Department of Culture City of Biella/ curator: BiBox Art Space) Museum of the Territory of Biella
Magliaso _ 2012/2013 Solo Exhibition by Daniele Basso "Oltre lo Specchio ci Sei Tu!" (curator: D. Ambrosioni) Rivabella Art Gallery (director: A. Alemann)
Milan_2013 Solo exhibit by Daniele Basso "Contemporary Reflections" at nhow hotel, 2nd floor
Crystals are the go-between of gods and the essence of man. As light turned matter, they represent the universe and guide us. Geologically and chemically pure and perfect, they are precious. They amaze and fascinate. Kryste is my Guiding Stone. Sharp-cornered and apparently all-resistant, experiences work on it that contains the most precious and shiny thing we have in life: our soul. An through the mirror, we get in contact with ourselves.

(Daniele Basso - Venice, June 2011)