MemorabiliaVitae _ 2012

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Computer graphics, photography and collage
A4 paper 180gr

Exhibitions & Events:
Biella _ 2012 "Ex Libris d'Artista" Competition by BiBox Art Space
Memorabila Vitae: memorable events of the life (genitive) and/or events to be remembered for the whole life (ablative). The ambiguity of this Latin phrase expresses the value that books have to me. Books are a collection of events, emotions and thoughts that are essential for the writer, relative for the reader, sometimes universal but, in any case, the memories of a certain age and society. Books are the question and the answer, they express doubts and personal or shared thoughts...when we read them, we create the sticker album of our own life. Instead of football players, idols etc, we find our childhood, youth, friends, lovers, freedom, the values of right and wrong things... Books are conscience and emotions becoming an object. They are the society. And also the people. Books are us, with our thoughts. They are the caskets storing the most important things of life and of the society and, with them, all of us.

(Daniele Basso - Biella, April 2012)