WebIcon Collection _ 2012

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Portraits: mirror finish stainless steel and acrylic colours on wood
Mod. "Facebook" (M. Zuckemberg) _ 58x58cm, about 5kg
Mod. "Google" (L. Page & S. Brin) _ 116x58cm, about 10kg
Mod. "Apple" (S. Jobs) _ 58x58cm, about 5kg
Mod. "Microsoft" (B. Gates) _ R29cm, about 5kg

Exhibitions & Events:
Magliaso _ 2012/2013 solo exhibit by Daniele Basso "Oltre lo Specchio ci Sei Tu!" (curator: D. Ambrosioni) Rivabella Art Gallery (director: A. Aleman)
Milan_2013 Solo exhibit by Daniele Basso "Contemporary Reflections" at nhow hotel, 2nd floor
Web Icon Collection: The protagonists of the web revolution become POP icons. Without space... from politics to economics, society and art... – says Daniele Basso – we, younger people, seek comfort in the Internet, neglecting social relationships, our relatives, our grandparents... and the huge amount of stories and culture that they represent. The Web Icon Mirroring Artwork Collection, dedicated to the great protagonists of the web, it's a bidirectional dialogue with elderly people: experience in exchange for enthusiasm and colour. young and old together, reflected into the Modern POP icons that have changed the world by developing amazing and universal technologies, we recover our ideas, our freedom to express ourselves and we can build our place in the world!!

(Daniele Basso - Magliaso CH, November 20th, 2012)