Tempus Angulare _ 2013

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Mirror Finish Stainless Steel _ 95x30 cm, h 126 cm - 50 kg about

Exhibitions & Events:
Rome _ Pontifical University of Seraphicum (Vatican) _ "Urbis & Artis" Prize Selection Exhibit
The Highlight of Time
Since the creation of life the history of mankind has been a complex multilayered mix, hiding manifold events and facts, whose dates are milestones marking critical occurrences for mankind, peaks that set a limit when everything changes, and the world starts a new course after that. This means that the history we all know is only partial, its highlights are the voices of winners distorted by man, whereas its dark side is easily forgotten while time goes by.
In this swinging rhythm of light and shadow, faith – also in its most general meaning – represents the anchor par excellence that helps face and acknowledge the mystery of life, even when it seems unfair, unwarranted and painful.
Hence I imagined the figure of Christ on the cross – the universal icon of Christianity, the symbol of Christian passion and hope, the highlight of time, the end of sin and starting point of salvation – bound by a stiff steel layer made up of appalling contemporary events, trapped by time in matter itself, distorting the details of His figure, disfiguring His shape making it hard to pinpoint His image, whose shape and proportions are only hinted at. A horrid solid filter made of shallow-mindedness blurs His essential image, but shines and lures in contemporary society for its inadequate lightweight flimsiness.
However, the power, intensity and depth of faith still prevail! This work is and will always be Jesus on the cross, who saves man from sin with His sacrifice.
This is the starting point for reconstructing a living topic, light up the other side of history, overcoming the limits of matter to reach out to the true essence of things. Thus the mirrored surfaces of the work, which initially represented a mere fleeting hedonistic embodiment, now help us investigate the true essence. Just like space-time slots through the soul, they involve us in the work and its meaning. They reflect nature, the environment and light, and we are reflected in them as well. They help us contemplate our active role in and towards society. And, just like that, reflected in the light of our faith, we will be able to make the right decision. This work represents an occasion to ponder upon and investigate transcendency through the language of Art, Design and new metalwork techniques. It is a thought of change and revolution. The idea and symbol of Christ as a milestone overlaps the concept and metaphor of Time. In a moment of crisis, when we are thrown into the fray and deprived of benchmark figures, we can start by signs and symbols to rebuild a new tomorrow. Christianity, religion and faith therefore represent a starting point for an outward journey to reach a new frontier land through the values of the respect for life, brotherhood and equality. It is a message of hope, an invitation to faith in a larger sense, not necessarily to believe in the establishment, but certainly in mankind and life.

(Daniele Basso, Rome October 25th, 2013)