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Stainless Steel mirror finish and Blue colour _ 165x165cm, h 310 cm

Exhibitions & Events:
Donated to the City of Biella and his Citizens by MOSCA1916 celebrating 100th Anniversary.
New Public Library, Piaza Curiel Biella.)

AQUAMANTIO is a fancy Landmark, dedicated to the Biella territory and its inhabitants. Inspired by the metaphor of water, it celebrates Life and stands out as a symbol of Culture, Well-being and Zest, revealing talent as a shared social event.

“It is a great honour to be entrusted with the task of making an artwork in Biella, where I live – Daniele Basso says – not only to commemorate the centennial history of the Mosca family, but also the Biella territory, rich in excellence and currently seeking to establish its new position in the global market.”

AQUAMANTIO supports the essential role of art at the core of the identity of a community and a people. Within the scope of Daniele Basso’s art production, it strengthens the aim and meaning of his work, always striving to enhance variety as an essential quality of life, expressed through local talents that give a distinct flavour to well-being.

"Drawing upon the metaphor of the water molecules embedded in the artwork, hinting at water as a key element of life on Earth – Basso goes on to say – AQUAMANTIO is a tribute to the Biella territory, but it is also a symbol of any successful community, an enclosure protecting its treasures yet open to communication, exchange and growth, a living, bright and powerful body, an example to reach… where excellence is collective, and everybody contributes to and must be proud of it!”

An outstanding artist whose artwork has been displayed in NYC, St. Petersburg, Vatican City, Lugano, Monte Carlo in the past few years, involved in renowned projects with Coca-Cola and Ski World Cup Alta Badia, now exhibiting at Contini Art Factory in Venice, Daniele Basso has always perceived art as the universal expression of human soul and ethical commitment, therefore conveying concepts through emotions, aiming straight for the heart of people.

His strong commitment therefore created meaningful symbols, even more poignant for the personal involvement of local population, then universally recognized. They are physical landmarks which appeal to personal identity as well as shared tangible elements whose mirrored steel surfaces – a typical artistic feature of Daniele Basso’s style – reflect all onlookers, who thus become true protagonists of their lives, to build a better future through everyday actions.

AQUAMANTIO, fully made of hand-polished mirror steel, is “A symbol of water as a key element in the history of social and economic development of the Biella territory - Basso concludes – and embodies a connection among Territory, Human Knowledge (whether medical, scientific or humanistic) and Culture, including awareness in Nutrition. Its location, in front of the new Public Library, represents culture leading us all to innovation, freedom and well-being”.

Daniele Basso take his inspiration from contemporary life and draws upon poignant concepts conveyed through his artwork, to arouse emotion and stimulate thinking on past, present and future. His works are dedicated to the end users, the onlookers who recognize themselves in the mirrored surfaces and can thus be part of the concept, active participants in the community… to be truly known and renowned!