Plis De La Vie Bronze _2016

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Plis De La Vie Plis De La Vie Plis De La Vie
Mirror Finish white bronze _ 25x25 cm, h 70 cm - 11 kg about

Exhibitions & Events:
Forte dei Marmi _Forte Arte_ December 2016/January 2017
Biella_Bi-Box Art Sapce_December 2016/January 2017
Colfosh (Alta Badia) _ Renè Art Gallery _ December 2016/March 2017

The corner edge, physical expression of discontinuity and a point of singularity, is the universal symbol of change. Space and time shrink, approach, touch, and separate. Nothing is as it was. Newness is coming through. Last year my mother Denise passed away. All protections failed. The hollow comes forward and absence becomes presence. It seems impossible to make decisions... Death makes us consider that change keeps going on around us and cannot be stopped. "Kryste" was the last work of mine that Denise saw on the occasion of the 54th Venice Biennale, a symbolic powerful and personal event. Along the lines of that aesthetic-spatial reasoning, I focussed my efforts to describe the concept of crisis and the opportunities therein.

"Decision-making paralysis, absence of prospects that blurs our future as a veil, and the innermost urge of doing versus the staticity of the moment force us to follow our instinct. Anxiety resulting from unawareness at an individual level propagates in society and vice-versa. This is the crisis, both intimate and collective. It grows within us and spreads through us. The crisis is the fear of disappointing our expectations, affects the desires that are at the origin of progress. It is unquestionably a human issue. It is the tool Nature gave us to evolve: the destructive thrust preluding the creative energy. The faster we adapt to Newness, the less the Pain. But a huge amount of awareness is necessary to overcome imposed limits and conditionings. Then, a scream against the sky sets our vital energy, involuntary prisoner of the moment, free. Suddenly, we have changed all and overcome the crisis. Instantly, we have grown up. The only constant is our commitment to improve, and all the mankind with us. Reflected in the mirror, we all reflect that we are the mankind. The future is in the hands of each one of us all".

(Daniele Basso, Venice 20 May 2013)