Cristo Ritorto (Twisted Christ)_2017

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Twisted Christ 2017 Twisted Christ 2017 Twisted Christ 2017
White bronze mirror finished _ 28x12 cm, high 33 cm (38 cm with base)

Exhibitions & Events:
Argenta_"Reflections" Daniele Basso's personal anthology exhibition - curator Irene Finiguerra_ April 23rd / May 28th, 2017
Milan_ Quadrilatero della Moda_Art & Architecture (Shooting into a private house)_June 2017

The history of man is a complex maze of folds, critical points of humanity where ‘believing’, not necessarily in a religious sense, is the handhold to cling to when you come to deal with the mystery of life. It gives you an aim and helps you carrying out actions laden with meaning.
The "Twisted Christ", partially inspired of the previous work Tempus Angulare, first shown at Università del Seraphicum (Vatican City) in 2013, also comes with the value of a object of faith urging us beyond the limits of the matter and into the spirit of things. However, through the torsion of the torso, of the whole body and the very sharp angles, it drastically emphasizes the pain and exertion to act coherently on the path of good. It makes the symbol more human and brings it closer to everyday life. Twisting, from which the artwork takes its name, innovates the image of the Christ crucified, for the first time providing the observer with two points of view: the usual frontal one and a new lateral one with reference to the position of the feet. Twisting is the physical expression of the multiplicity of the contemporaneity we live in and that is termed to be ‘liquid’, i.e. deprived of reference points.
Today, you ought to always take into account several points of view. Information and communication make all aspects of life more subjective. The Internet and social media take us to the stage of a multiplicity of expression that is new in the history of man. Models and symbols get lost in multiplicity. Thus, you have to adapt and find expressive formulas capable of expressing a multiplicity of visions and symbols that reconnect you to universal values. And reference points where to recognize your identity, both personal and collective, make your way through complexity, and eventually master this new freedom of expression.
The "Twisted Christ" is an opportunity, in the language of contemporary Art, to ponder and investigate the transcendent. It speaks about respecting life, brotherhood and equality in a modern unconventional language that substantiates the link of the past with the future in the universal values of faith.
It is an invitation to hope in the sacred nature of life and of the whole mankind.