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Boogeyman 2017 Boogeyman 2017
    White bronze mirror finished _ 27x34 cm, high 40 cm

    Exhibitions & Events:
    Venice_ Palazzo Contarini Polignac _"Luce & Pensieri" Daniele Basso and Paolo Amico Exhibition - curator Ermanno Tedeschi _ October 4th / November 24th, 2017

    We are as strong as our greatest fear.

    Fear is the most powerful of all emotions. It is the manifestation of the instinct of survival. Fear exerts its power through imagination, but we can react with knowledge. When decision time comes, however, fear is a poor advisor that deprives us of dignity and freedom and almost obliges us to make our worst worries come true. Instead, fear is a precious ally that saves our life by warning us that immediate action is necessary, and a forerunner of the change that makes life unpredictable. Accepting unpredictability takes us to a higher level of awareness, where to see reality as it is and react free from conditionings. Free from fear! Boogeyman is the sarcastic, wryly ridiculous and freakish representation of fear as we were told about as children. Fear that comes out of nothing, inflates and becomes aggressive, with its hands reaching out towards us to take possession of our life. Multifaceted as fear itself. Mirroring because it lives in everyone but … faceless. Empty. Flimsy …. ready to deflate when faced with the courage of knowledge that illuminates our actions.
    Boogeyman beckons us to bravely overcome our fears with a twitch of individual and collective awareness, rely on our critical sense and, looking beyond evanescence, consider the substance our existences are made of, to live not in fear but in the strength of a free existence.