Bimbo (Babe - bronze)_2017

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Bimbo 2017
    White bronze mirror finished _ 15x28 cm, h 40cm

    Exhibitions & Events:
    La Morra_ Poderi Gianni Gagliardo _"Filari di Luce" Daniele Basso and Dado Schapira Exhibition - curator Ermanno Tedeschi _ October 9th / November 12th, 2017

    Joy and amazement oblige us to come to terms with the dreams of our childhood.
    The one thousand facets of reality take shape in a child’s face and help us feel again the pleasure of amazement and the capacity of fantasizing. Through the innocent unconditional smile of a child, they bring us back the joy of living beyond worries.
    A levity that is also wisdom: the awareness that energy and enthusiasm make us overcome all difficulties and lead us to the future we long for. Balances and reflections in tension between reality and desire to face the coming years of our life.