Il Cavallino_ Ferrari 70th Anniversary_2017

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Cavallino Cavallino
    Stainless Steel mirror finish, yellow and red colour_16x30cm h 50 cm.

    Exhibitions & Events:
    Alta Badia_World Star Ski Event_ in the presence of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco

    In the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari, the sculpture inspired by the Prancing Horse interprets it as if it were the design of a racing car: the tubular frame supports the various elements that make up the symbol of the most famous brand in the world.

    The frame is yellow, the color of Modena and the shield, and it is the essence and the heart of Ferrari. Around which everything comes to life. The different components of sculpture, instead, leaning against the body, express two aspects. The red color, turned inside the sculpture, express the unique history of Ferrari. The victories, the innovations, the performances ... red like the battles on the track! The external mirror steel, instead, celebrate the energy of Ferrari! Which is the mirror of the society of which it becomes Icon. Mirror in which we all reflect dreams and aspirations ... Because Ferrari's success depends in a different way from everyone! Because Ferrari is a dream, an emotion, and now belongs to the Italian national heritage, which is the banner of elegance and performances in the world.

    The sculpture Il Cavallino wants to be above all a tribute to the work of the people who have made the history of Ferrari unique. A recognition of the energies and love that unite us around the highest expression of Made in Italy in the world. Universal metaphor of the know-how of Man. Of that drive to improve, to overcome our limits, which is the basis of existence.
    It is a tribute to the courage to believe in one's dreams.