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StratoSferica StratoSferica StratoSferica
    Stainless steel mirror finished and blue nylon _ diameter 50 cm

    Exhibitions & Events:

    Stratos has never been just a car.
    Rather an impossible dream! An extremely fast toy! A powerful emotion!
    That the victories, the design still futuristic today and the acute roar of the engine have immediately turned into a myth.
    StratoSferica combines in a glance the physical aspect of the object with the power of the dream that generated it. Matter and intuition meet into the mirror steel. They merge. And they allow us to fully enjoy the power and meaning of becoming a myth.
    When the idea transcends facts and becomes a symbol.
    Symbol of the wonderful world of Rally.

    Daniele Basso - Biella, May 8th, 2018

    Ph_Stefano Ceretti