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VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03 VR2018_SC03
Stainless steel mirror finished, larch and chestnut woods, and rusted iron _ Diameter 230 cm, high 270 cm

Exhibitions & Events:
Shooting at the Polo Museale Masseranese, over the San Teonesto churchyard, and at a private house in Biella Vandorno.

VR2018_SC03-H2700 is the most monumental sculptures of the multi-year Vertical Reflection project. A project in which is represented the human soul through the phases of knowledge and choice reaching the awareness of the complexity of the world. A message expressed by unique joints of wooden, CorTen and mirror polished steel volumes.

Hovering between transcendent and earthly, this work interprets the spiritual symbol of the cross enriched with anomalous volumes that are grafted into the central body, generating a different and personal symbol.

Today the internet and social media continually push us to opinions often expressed with lightness or partial awareness. That over times empties symbols and values ​​of their original meaning. As long as everything becomes relative and subjective.

This sculpture is a reflection on the renewed need for awareness to manage the liquidity to which we are exposed, and to consolidate our identity. To avoid the disintegration of society. A gesture towards spirituality at the root of man himself. An intuition that takes us beyond the boundaries of reason alone to discover new frontiers!

Made by cabinet maker Roberto Monteferrario, owner of the Legno e Cultura laboratory.