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SWC Trophies SWC Trophies SWC Trophies SWC Trophies SWC Trophies SWC Trophies
Stainless steel mirror finished and Swarovski® crystals _ 45x15cm, h42cm

Exhibitions and Events:
Giant Slalom & Parallel Giant Slalom Ski World Cup Alta Badia-Dolomites - Gran Risa track - La Villa , December 16th/17th 2018

On the occasion of the Alta Badia-Dolomites Ski World Cup, the artist Daniele Basso, who is the maker of the sculpture GIGANT installed at the start of the Gran Risa ski run in 2015 to celebrate 30 years of the event, has interpreted the trophies also for the 2018 edition of Giant Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom night races, with the added feature of illuminating Swarovski® crystals.

"Performances, speed and passion - explains Daniele Basso - give life to a unique show in Alta Badia . By day and by night. Dynamic and strong emotions that come to life in the hearts of fans. The trophy interprets these sensations but becomes a jewel of Art for the Queen of Giants, the Gran Risa slope. Mythic. Where to win is worth a season!"

With these words, the artist Daniele Basso describes the inspiration for the 2018 trophies, among the most beautiful ever made, with over 36,000 crystals in 11 different shades of white, red and green, and in 5 different sizes. A true masterpiece of elegance, expression of man constantly looking for new challenges and new limits to overcome.

Daniele Basso - June 2018