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Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man
Stainless Steel and brass mirror finished by hands _ 115x200, h195/400cm

Exhibitions and Events
Forte dei Marmi (LU) _ Oltre Verso - anthological exhibition / curator Allegra Santini / director Alberto Bartalini _ August 9th / September 8th, 2019

"First monument dedicated to Iron Man in the year of his cinematographic death, in reality he wants to celebrate the Tony Starks man who gives his enormous fortunes the bottom to fight in the ideals he believes in... remembering that we are the protagonists of our era. That the future of humanity depends on our decisions. That all of us must be heroes! "
Daniele Basso - Forte Dei Marmi (LU), Agosto 2019

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Comune di Lajatico (
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Maurizio Bacci / Stefano Ceretti

Maurizio Bacci