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Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella Premio Bimbo Faber CNA Biella
Recycled marble blue painted and stainless Steel mirror finished_ diameter 25cm, h 25cm

Exhibitions and Events
Prize awarded by CNA Biella and presented with an invitation-only event at the Relais Santo Stefano.

Bimbo Faber Prize
The 50th anniversary work of CNA Biella created by Daniele Basso it becomes an annual recognition for those who work for the good of the territory

"The Bimbo Faber Prize was born between two worlds - describes Gionata Pirali - in the middle a tragic and painful event that made our certainties waver, together with the economy of the whole world. A condition in the middle in which, however, we have rediscovered the value of the Community".

This is the fundamental meaning of the Bimbo Faber work created in 2019 by the artist Daniele Basso for the 50th anniversary of CNA Biella. A work that anticipated this desire and need for a community that today becomes a prize by interpreting the feeling of gratitude towards those who, in authentic autonomy, were already working and working for the common good.

"A recognition - explains Daniele Basso - which founds the roots of its value in the community and widespread commitment. A value that is returned to the community in the form of shared recognition. To tell them that they are not alone. To tell us we are not alone".

Positive models to follow are rewarded, capable of concretely improving the reality in which we live, the Biella area and our culture. A path in which CNA is accompanied by friends, in the role of "Bimbo Faber Ambassadors", but also a path to be done together with the whole Biella population.

How to report candidates?
By writing to the secretariat of CNA Biella:
Regulation on the website

Un ringraziamento speciale agli “Ambasciatori Premio Bimbo Faber” di CNA Biella”:
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Nino Cerruti, Luisa Bocchietto, Christian Clarizio, Michele Colombo, Silvano Esposito, Franco Ferraris, Marco Fulcheri, Monica Gasparini, Fabrizio Lava, Paolo Naldini, Pier Ettore Pellerey, Maurizio Ribaldone, Angelica Sella, Federico Sella, Gianluca Spagnolo, Eugenio Zamperone, Paolo Zegna.