Venere di Milo _2022

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Venere di Milo Venere di Milo Venere di Milo Venere di Milo
Stainless Steel mirror finish by hands _ 48x55 cm, h135 cm

Exhibitions and Events
Santuario di Oropa (BI) – Heritage Site Unesco _ Le Pieghe dell’Anima – personal exhibition / curator Irene Finiguerra _ July 2nd / September 18th

Caryatids, Nike and Venus are reborn ... The old myths find new energy!
The course and appeal of history materializes. Continuous destruction and reconstruction produce similar but not equal results. Small differences are where we stay. The opening to have our say. To be protagonists of our time. Architects of our little piece of the world. Creators of our myths and our values.

"The Venus de Milo sculptures of the Frame Project represent the multiplicity of beauty. Beyond the single thought, we find in the exercise of our critical capacity the highest form of celebration of life and its beauty "