Art Biennale PRIA_ 2013

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Biella_ A.M.A.C.I. Event at "Spazio PRIA" _ October 5th/13th, 2013 Installation "MrBotGotTalent" and Conference "Green Design: Ethics and Aesthetics"

Daniele Basso, Special Guest of the 2013 Biella Art Biennale

On the occasion of the 9th Edition of Giornate del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Days) held by AMACI - an association which includes the major Italian contemporary art museums - the 2013 PRIA Biennale organized by Archivio Pria in Biella will open on Saturday 9th October. This year’s theme is Art and Energy.

The exhibition will showcase outstanding installations such as "The Amazing Art of Energy" by Luciano Maciotta and "MrBot Got Talent" by Daniele Basso, recently participating in two major summer exhibitions in Montecarlo and Forte Dei Marmi, as well as works by Marco Lodola and Mario Milano.

After the launch party at Lanificio PRIA woollen mill at 3, via Salita di Riva, Biella, at 6.00 pm, the exhibition programme will continue with a workshop discussing the topic “A Dialogue with the Muse”, moderated by Senator Gianluca Susta. Among the guest speakers, Luciano Maciotta, artist Francesco Bernabei and Daniele Basso, the artist and designer from Biella who will conclude the workshop with his presentation on the Green Concept for an eco-friendly people-oriented future, without sacrificing formal beauty and functionality.

“Ecology – Basso says – is a highly topical issue. We expect companies to manufacture eco-sustainable products, we demand zero-impact services, recycled energy and also effective recycling of the huge quantity of garbage we produce every day. In a nutshell, we expect somebody else to solve problems for us, but we never wonder what we are prepared to do and what price we are willing to pay to protect our planet! The cycle to create and develop eco-sustainable products starts with research, which is later applied to design, and goes on to the implementation step of product manufacturing, enters the market with product distribution but ultimately depends on product demand and purchase, hence it depends on all of us! Therefore, we should be more aware and responsible when selecting better-quality durable products every day. Well, all of the above is the theme of my installation, "MrBot Got Talent": we are all equal at birth, yet we all become different through the choices we make! This work also represents an incitement to stop being passively affected by market choices, and play our role in the life cycle of the commodities we wish and buy… in order to learn to choose again!”

Eleonora Perpolini, harp, and Alessandro Buccini, will close up the event with a charity concert, "Musica Dal Cuore" (Music from the Heart), sponsored by Edo Tempia Fund.