Aperitif at the Palace _ 2013

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Biella _ Ex-ENEL Palace (crossing Via Palazzo di Giustizia & Via Crosa) _ 13th September / 13th October 2013 "InVaSiOnI" Collective exhibition of Contemporary Art
At the inauguration of the Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art "InVaSiOnI" (Invasions) organized by the Gallery "Bi-Box Art Space" in Biella, the Ex-ENEL Palace, exclusive and central residence recently restored, was opened to the public for an "Aperitif at the Palace", among Art, Design and Avant-garde Architecture. Organized in collaboration with the prestigious interior design store IDEA, which has its own seat in Via dal Pozzo, the square in front of it was animated with jazz and rock music until late evening to celebrate the end of summer. Daniele Basso’s works have been exhibited in 3 different locations in Ex-ENEL Palace (attic, second floor and garden) and showcased in the shop IDEA. A thank you is due for the invitation and to those people who contributed to the success of the initiative.

The artworks on show:

MrBotGotTalent: light installation realised in cooperation with Slide
"Many Mr Bot in different colours illuminated in the green of the earth, a metaphor for contemporary multi-racial society, but they are at different heights. At the beginning all the same, we become ourselves through the choices we make. At the end we are all different: we are the consequence of our actions."

Kryste: light installation realised in cooperation with SlideArt
"Crystals are the go-between of gods and the essence of man. As light turned matter, they represent the universe and guide us. Geologically and chemically pure and perfect, they are precious. They amaze and fascinate. Kryste is my Guiding Stone. Sharp-cornered and apparently all-resistant, experiences work on it that contains the most precious and shiny thing we have in life: our soul. An through the mirror, we get in contact with ourselves".