Daniele Basso @ 1° Targa Santo Stefano _2020

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Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano Targa Santo Stefano
Relais Santo Stefano - Sandigliano (BI) _ September 25th/27th, 2020 Tourist Rally organized by Relais Santo Stefano in collaboration with Ferrari Rossocorsa, with the technical direction of Erik and Raffaella Comas

Positive energies and perfect synergies.

Three days of Tour for the "1st Targa Santo Stefano", in which the positive energies of the Relais Santo Stefano in Sandigliano, together with the Ferrari Rossocorsa Official Dealer, with the organization of Erik and Raffaella Comas, created perfect synergies for a successful tourist rally, able to promote the Biella area and its excellence.

Forty crews arrived at Santo Stefano SPA Relais for the first evening on Friday from Forte di Bard in Val d'Aosta, through the Col de Joux, in the presence of Claudio Corradino, Mayor of Biella, and Paolo Zegna, CEO of the Group Zegna, and the artist Daniele Basso.
Four sculptures by Daniele Basso on show, to reflect on contemporary days through the beauty and emotions of art. Two at the Relais Santo Stefano: Plis De La Vie welcomes us in the hall, speaking of change as the only constant in life; Lion King, in the dining room, invites us to live with dignity rather than pride, in a dialogue with ourselves and our conscience, rather than with the image that is recognized by the others. Two works at Cascina Era E ', where the guests spent the evening on Saturday, after the morning at the FCA track in Balocco and the afternoon at the Zegna Foundation in Trivero. Guest were welcomed by the sculpture Coke Its Me, commissioned by Coca Cola to celebrate 100 years of the Contour Bottle, now in the permanent collection of the World of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta. In the dining room, Aureo jr, commissioned by Aurora as a symbol for the Museum of the Sign of the Scriptures in Turin, inaugurated on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the brand.
The event, with the technical direction of Erik Comas, former Formula 1, GT and rally driver, assisted in the organizational commitment by Raffaella Serra, ended on Sunday at the Hotel San Rocco al Lago d 'Orta, with lunch at restaurant of the hotel "pieds dans l'eau".
Ugo Pellegrino, at the top of the Relais Santo Stefano, together with Lorenzo Carraro and Elvin Toselli from Rossocorsa, together with the rally sports direction and all the players involved in this prestigious event, expressed with strength, enthusiasm and spontaneity their passion for cars, art and the Biella area, giving authentic emotions and moments of excellence to all participants.