Daniele Basso @ Woolbridge Gallery _2020

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Spazio Pria Biella _ October 10th, 2020 Woolbridge Gallery opening

On 10th October the adventure of Woolbridge Gallery begins in Biella, a modern and contemporary art gallery that develops in the beautiful industrial spaces of the PRIA Factory. An opening in which it was still possible to admire the performance of the dancers of the Academy and of the Teatro della Scala in Milan among the works of art.

The gallery founded by Patrick Saletta and Jean Le Guyeder, on the three floors of the PRIA Factory, hosts, in synergic dialogue, works by young international contemporary artists, together with important modern paintings: 170 works by the artists on display from 12 different countries, including Italy, France, Brazil, USA, China, Korea and South Africa.

Among the works exhibited are the one's of Robert Raushenberg, Richard Jackson, a focus on Italian art of the sixties and seventies with Carol Rama, Mimmo Rotella, Mario Schifano, Lucio Fontana, over 30 shots taken by the famous French photographer Guy Bourdin that tell the story of role of women and female beauty over the years. More contemporary works by Chloe Wise, Liu Wei, installations by Aurélie Pétrel, sculptures by Morgane Tschiember, monochrome paintings by Yang Liming, Ignazio Mortellaro, Jim Shaw, Paul Cézanne, Alfred Sisley, Daniele Basso, Marco Veronese, Giovanni Boldini, Marco Tirelli and Jean-Baptiste Corot.
Woolbridge Gallery's goal is to become a synergistic bridge between past and present, paying particular attention to supporting the young artists.