111 places in Biella that you really need to discover _2020

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111 Luoghi di Biella 111 Luoghi di Biella
Palazzo Gromo Losa - Biella Piazzo _ October 13th, 2020 Volume published by Emons and presented by the authors Monica Gasparini, Vittoria Bazan, Barbara Sartorello and Bruno Scomparin

On Tuesday 13 October 2020 the volume "111 places in Biella that you really have to discover" (Published by Emons - authors Gasparini, Bazan, Sartorello and Scomparin) was presented at Palazzo Gromo Losa in Biella Piazzo. An innovative tourist guide, narrated in first person by the authors, which leads us to the most curious and excellent people and places in the Biella area. Art, nature and creativity Made in Italy.

A book that, like a ball of wool, wraps stories and characters "to gracefully untangle its fabric painted with flowered valleys, ancient vineyards and illustrious characters, who with their ingenuity have made it Biella Unesco Creative City (Eco di Biella, October 12th, 2020).
Among the artists mentioned also Daniele Basso with his studio at Spazio Pria.