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Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros Ikaros
Relais Santo Stefano _ Sandigliano (BI) _ March 2021 Ikaros become the Symbol of Relais Santo Stefano

Ikaros is the metaphor of flying beyond the boundaries of the imagination. Between the myth of Icarus and the flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci, it expresses the irrepressible impulse to fly inherent in the human soul... Symbol of improvement and growth. Beyond fear. Towards tomorrow!

Inaugurated on the occasion of Andrea Bocelli's Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, for the exhibition "In Volo" (directed by Alberto Bartalini, curated by Matteo Graniti), it furnished the town square in the summer of 2019.

"Ikaros at Relais Santo Stefano - explains Basso - is an invitation to a renewed freedom. Symbol of the courageous spirit that animates the entire team of the Relais, but also of the positive feelings and energy that help us face life, even inherent in sport, competitive but above all amateur. Positive practice for a healthy life and well-being that brings man back to the center of the value, economic and social system. To achieve together the future we desire".