A Night for ANT_2021

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A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT A Night for ANT
Piazza del Carmine _ Florence _ July 7th, 2021 Guest of Exclusivam Cultural Community, installation by Laura Tartarelli Art Gallery

Synergy, empathy, solidarity, union, collaboration, understanding, cooperation, action, "You call them if you want emotions". This is the theme of the A Night for ANT evening, organized by the ANT Foundation with the artistic direction of Jacopo Durazzani, Sammontana as main partner and the support of Exclusivam, in the splendid setting of Piazza del Carmine, with an exclusive fashion show by the Florentine designer Ermanno Scervino.

With the support of Cristina Casamassimi, who has always been active in helping the mission of the ANT ITALIA ONLUS Foundation, and the collaboration of Exclusivam, a new cultural community of luxury founded by Benedetta Di Paolo. Where beauty and beauty are the heart to organize unique and unrepeatable events.

Exceptional godmother Barbara Bouchet with the artistic contribution of Daniele Basso who, thanks to the curatorship of Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art, presents two large works in mirrored steel: Achill, falcon symbol of the restart; Lion King, symbol of strength and power.

Patty Pravo's show conducted by Joe Squillo together with Veronica Maffei and Stefano Baragli.