Ali di Libertà (C) - Frame Project_2019

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Ali di Libertà Frame Ali di Libertà Frame Ali di Libertà Frame Ali di Libertà Frame
Stainless Steel mirror finish by hands _ 22x72 cm, h 60 cm

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"Sometimes it happens that the "finished artworks" impose a sort of detachment. We admire them as spectators of an act made by others ... that we may also like very much ... but for which we substitute empathy mostly with the desire for possession. FRAME project is the attempt to go beyond this distance, showing the work in progress that all we are brought to virtually finish.
Through the reproduction of portions of larger artworks I reveal the true history of the object. Made of work, passion and value... Ideas in progress but power in essence, yet still to be accomplished. Intriguing and curious works in their rarefied dimension of" unfinished "objects, but custodians of important messages".
Daniele Basso, Biella October 28th, 2019

ALI DI LIBERTA' (C) _Frame Project "The wing is a powerful symbol. To the sense of freedom it accompanies the idea of the transcendent. Of that ascent to the top that is at the same time the search for improvement and salvation. A drive to go beyond our physical limits, towards a spiritual and creative dimension... At the top, where our imagination and our dreams dwell... there we are invited to tend, in order to build the future we want here, in the reality where we live every day".
Daniele Basso, Lajatico agosto 2019