On Top of Horizon_2021

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Stainless Steel mirror finish by hands _ 25x25 cm, h 120 cm

Exhibitions and Events

Flint has been the first tool in history. It was found in Africa. The place of origin of Man and Humanity. A splinter, a spear, an arrowhead ... an apparently random and asymmetrical shape ... a small totem that recalls that ancestral dimension where know-how is not yet everyone's heritage and largely depends on the individual, who every day reinvents itself. An ancestral symbol, between something found and the idea of its use with few but significant changes. It is the celebration of the human ingenuity that led us from the hunt to the moon. The invitation to reshape our relationship with nature and with resources, for a sustainable, circular future, focused on the well-being of man in the present but above all in the future. For our children. For our grandchildren.