Hic Sunt Leones_2022

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Hic Sunt Leones Hic Sunt Leones Hic Sunt Leones Hic Sunt Leones Hic Sunt Leones
Stainless Steel mirror finish by hands_ 110x42 cm, h 97 cm

Exhibitions and Events
Sanctuary of Oropa, portico of the Cloister, on the occasion of the personal exhibition "Le Pieghe dell'Anima"

The Hic Sunt Leones sculpture is a praise to the pride and dignity of the individual. Not pride, empty in its ostentatious appearance and hovering over the opinion of others. But that feeling of fullness and power that arises from the opinion we have of ourselves. Substance that draws its power in the depth of our values and our existence. A wish for courage and pride that intertwine with the force expressed by the animal in nature. It is the search for the deepest self as a process in relation to change, as the only true constant in life. In the balance between remaining ourselves and constantly evolving.