MrBotHoliday_ 2013

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Monte-Carlo _ Salon Berliotz Hotel De Paris _ 16 / 29 August 2013 Event / Esposizione "Noblesse Luxury Bag"
Lights MrBot (Slide) - exhibit Artes Group International

MrBot illuminates the Hotel De Paris: from Monte Carlo to Versilia, through the 55th Biennale in Venice, the exclusive light installations and mirror works in steel created by Daniele Basso, reflect and make you think about the contemporary world. From 17 to 29 August 2013, at the exhibition organized by Noblesse Luxury Bags by Antonella Serioli, where precious and unique bags of Hermes and Chanel will be exposed, the Berliotz Hall of the Hotel Paris in Monte-Carlo will hold the installation "MrBotHoliday" created by the biellese artist-designer Daniele Basso. Five bright and carefree MrBot, produced by Slide, will be the perfect support for as many hard to find Chanel necklaces, helping to give light and lustre to the precious artefacts. "MrBot" - says Daniele Basso - "metaphor of contemporary society, lights up in the splendor of the Monegasque frame, such as those who live there, surrounded by the wonders of luxury and artistry, craftsmanship and industry. Here in Monaco, where dreams become reality, also MrBot becomes a star to be admired ... And we all stay watching enchanted the life as in a movie, waiting for our fifteen minutes of fame. A midsummer dream come true ... ".

(Daniele Basso, Monte-Carlo, August 2013)