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In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo In Volo
Lajatico (PI) _ ArtInsolite 2019 _ July/September 2019 In Volo (curator Matteo Graniti) / ArtInsolite (curator Carlo Alberto ArzelĂ ) - director Alberto Bartalini

The exhibition IN VOLO by DANIELE BASSO, curated by Matteo Graniti, directed by Alberto Bartalini, is actually a path that winds from the PALAZZO COMUNALE, through PIAZZA VITTORIO VENETO to the TEATRO DEL SILENZIO, and reminds us of the spiritual side of the Man. In this path the art works become Experience through three higher and higher stages of consciousness. A dialogue with the visitor through intuitive symbols, towards a more conscious individual and collective identity.

The IN VOLO exhibition is the main event of the ArtInsolite 2019 exhibition, curated by Carlo Alberto ArzelĂ  and directed by Alberto Bartalini, who has been animating the summer in the wonderful village of Lajatico (PI) for years and which attracted during the 2019 edition more than 50,000 VISITORS, who in the period of the concert ALI DI LIBERTA 'by ANDREA BOCELLI are 85% foreigners.

In the halls of the PALAZZO COMUNALE in Lajatico (PI) we find dreams, expectations and fears, but also symbols, ideas and projects to stimulate new points of view and reflections in "habitual consciousness". On display, references and curiosities on the monumental works created for the companies cross the most intimate production, in white bronze and cobalt resin, including the BIMBO sculptures, which invites us to rediscover our dreams as a child; MATERNITY that investigates the transition from child to parent; ACHILL that invites us to favor important things over urgent ones; up to the MASKS OF LIFE project, in which the mask loses the negative meaning of the only deception, overcomes the protective function, to become a self-projection and affirmation of one's identity.

In PIAZZA VITTORIO VENETO in Lajatico (PI) BOOGYEMAN and IKAROS face each other in the clash par excellence. When knowing our fears, we decide to explain our wings the same, beyond our limits, to access a higher level of "conscious consciousness".

"In the year of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, Ikaros is an invitation to try to fly. Beyond our fears and the boundaries of imagination. Between the myth of Icarus and the flying machines of Leonardo Da Vinci, he expresses the irrepressible and powerful impulse to flight inherent in the human soul. Physical, metaphorical and symbolic wings of awareness to which we owe the development of Humanity itself ".

"We are as strong as our greatest fear ... Boogeyman is the sarcastic, ironic and grotesque metaphor of fear itself. Swollen and aggressive, but ready to deflate in the face of the courage of knowledge, to live in the power of a free existence. "

At the TEATRO DEL SILENZIO in Lajatico (PI), in the uncontaminated silence of the Valdera, with the art work Gabriel, you reach a stage of "pure consciousness".

"GABRIEL celebrates freedom as a universal value. In our choices, our true identity and the meaning of life. In silence, beyond the limits of the unknown, we continue our search ..."

Created with the collaboration of Laseryacht, GABRIEL was set design and symbol of the concert ALI DI LIBERTA' by ANDREA BOCELLI, under the artistic direction Alberto Bartalini, directed by Luca Tommassini and produced and organized by CitySound & Events.

The work installed at the TEATRO DEL SILENZIO until June 2020, offers the opportunity to reflect in the most uncontaminated nature of our future during all 4 seasons of the year.

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