Beyond Hope_ Art during Covid-19 _2020

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Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19 Art during Covid-19
Virtual existence project to survive in the real world._ March/July 2020 15 episodes online to reflect about future through Art.

beyond hope
Art Project during Covid-19

"Either we will find a road or we will build one".
So Annibale ruled when he decided to cross the Alps. At this point we are all of us today. We have our future in our hands, and, in a game of interdependence called a "community", we also partially have the future of others. Thus, in the drama that is going on, we rediscover ourselves as protagonists of our time, able, with a small daily gesture of responsibility and sacrifice, to stay at home, to save the lives of others. And with Hannibal's equal determination, tomorrow we will have to face the recovery. David against Goliath. But with the dimension of danger opposite to the mass. Because today the clashes are no longer fought with armies, but in the infinitely small of viruses or in the incredibly large of geopolitics and global economy. We therefore need ideas and strategies, but also thoughts and values, to reorganize life and the world in a better future.

In this context "Beyond Hope" fits in. A project of art and thought of virtual existence, in the network, to ensure survival here, in the real world, towards a renewed daily life. It is a collection of weekly episodes of reflections expressed with art and over the years, reviewed and contextualized in these days of silence. To inspire, as far as possible, positive and constructive thoughts for tomorrow. To overcome isolation and not feel alone. To react to the contingent situation by building our path to the future we desire.

List of works in review:

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01/04: Naturae Natural and Artificial
07/04: Les Plis De La Vie Change is Life
15/04: Boogeyman Fear
22/04: Achill Urgent or Important
29/04: ReLeone Pride or Dignity
06/05: Cristo Ritorto Beyond Matter
13/05: Bimbo Lightness and Wisdom
20/05: Maternità Future at the Center
27/05: Ikaros The Courage
03/06: IronMan Daily Heroes
10/06: Il Muro Siamo Noi Boundaries without Limits
17/06: Bimbo Faber Community and Know-how
24/07: VrumBangBull Positive Energy
01/07: Chi Vespa & StratoSferica  Perfect Project
08/07:   Art/Company/Territory

These are the topics that will be discussed through the research of Art, today more than ever useful in imagining our society of tomorrow. Art as hope. Art as knowledge. Art as an experience. But also as a need to communicate. To exist! Because nothing better than Art is a testimony of life. Nothing more than Art says who we are.

So that, together with the pain for those who no longer exist, the gratitude and admiration for those who have contributed to contrasting and containing the disease, the new habits, the new restrictions... a new collective awareness of the fragility of life can be found. To rediscover the rhythms of biology, and subject technologies to them. To recover a legacy, a teaching from Covid-19... towards the project of a better future in which to live in. Because this challenge is on our shoulders. Because this challenge is ours. History tells us. And we must live it conscious of being the protagonists of the whole of humanity.

On the border with the Middle Ages, we can still choose a new Renaissance. Fear can block us, or make us free to move. We all have the choice. Quoting Adriano Olivetti, "The term utopia is the most convenient way to liquidate what you don't want, ability, or courage to do. A dream seems like a dream until you start somewhere, only then it becomes a purpose, that is, something infinitely bigger".

The strength of any initiative to reopen will be in the ability and courage to plan and realize the future in which we wish to live.

ph_Damiano Andreotti / Stefano Ceretti